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Jamie determines home value by creating a CMA report. A CMA is a Comparable Market Analysis. The CMA is used in both sides of a transaction. For buyers, a CMA will help us determine what to offer. For Sellers, the CMA helps us determine what price makes the most sense for your home. Many different factors are taken into account when creating your CMA:

  • Square Footage

  • # Beds and Baths

  • School District

  • Taxes

  • Updates

  • Lot Size

  • Current Market Conditions

A great tool that @properties provides is a working CMA. Once a CMA is created for your property, you will be updated via email with any changes based on market activity.

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A few fairly inexpensive things you can do to increase the value of your home are:

  • Paint! The easiest way to make your home more attractive.

  • Clean. A clean home looks new and refreshing

  • Replace old faucets. Give the kitchen and bath a quick facelift

  • Replace bathroom vanity

Remember that any upgrade that you make will not give you a dollar for dollar return. The items above will help you get a little more for your home, plus allow it to sell quicker, which can be extremely valuable.

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